Hi, I’m Ann

This is me in the CNN.com newsroom.

This is me in the CNN.com newsroom.

I spent the last 14 years writing, producing and analyzing Web content at CNN.com, the most visited news website on the Internet. This blog is my portfolio. What you’ll see here are screengrabs of the articles I’ve written and websites I’ve produced. Click on the navigation above to start reading my work.

At CNN I worked on a wide range of projects: 9/11, the War in Iraq, Hurricane Katrina, The Asian Tsunami, the 2000, 2004 and 2008 Elections, Michael Jackson’s death, the Newton school shooting and CNN.com’s first in-depth coverage of San Diego Comic Con. Through the Special Reports team, running the Geek Out! blog or writing feature stories with the Living section of CNN.com, I was a part of delivering every major news story since 2000.

As you click through my portfolio, you’ll see some of that work, but it only hints at who I am. Even in a newsroom full of world-class journalists (and Pulitzer Prize winners!) I stood out.

Me and Stan Lee!

I interviewed many nerdy celebrities over the years, including Stan Lee!

If you ask me why, I’ll tell you it’s because I am not a traditional journalist — I am a creative content strategist who found a home in journalism.

But if you ask my coworkers why I stood out, probably they’ll say, “orange girl rox!” Orange is my favorite color and my very noticeable signature.

In March of 2000, when I began working at CNN as a web editor — I coded the student news website, “FYI,” daily — I had to choose an AIM name. So I chose orangegirlrox, and not one of my coworkers ever forgot about it. Reactions ranged from cringe-worthy knock-knock jokes to greetings of “orange girl!” like the reception Norm got from the “Cheers” crowd.

My love of all things orange was a novelty back then, but it has become the perfect way to explain who I am. Orange is glaringly obvious and so am I: I’m a nerd, I’m pale, I’m short, I’m right-brained almost to a fault, I’m a violinist and I’m obsessed with Welsh Corgis.

Belvedere the corgi!

Welsh corgi puppies are seriously awesome. This is my corgi, Belvedere!

Like orange, my tastes are bold and a little bit ahead of their time. I have a sunny, can-do outlook that thrives in team environments. Even the warning of orange safety cones can describe me: I often search the past for pitfalls to avoid in my current content strategies.

And now I’m on the second leg of my digital media career. I know how to plan and execute content that connects with users and maximizes the platform it’s on. I use the expertise of my journalism background and my natural ability to stand out in a crowd to grab readers’ attention and keep it, long-term.

Please enjoy the examples of my work on this blog and ping me if you want to talk digital media strategy! You can always find me at annwhoevel@gmail.com.


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